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We all know that plastics are a real big problem worldwide, I read that the plastic garbage vortex in the pacific is the size of the state of Texas and all that plastic is deteriorating into smaller pieces and has entered the food chain, turtles, fish and sea mammals now contain sizable amounts of small plastic pieces and it also has entered  the water supplies. We do know that plastics are carcinogenic and also our bodies regard it as estrogen and that of course wreaks havoc on any one’s hormonal system, both female and male are having reduced libidos and some other hormonal issues. Unfortunately, that is not all, the  micro plastic particles are very, very small (1 micron) and at this point there are hardly any filters that can remove them, which is one of several reasons why I decided on the Pure Hydration unit, those filters take out 0.2 micron. In addition,  researchers found that all sorts of garbage is attracted and attaches itself to those micro plastic particles, all sorts of toxins including heavy metals, microbes, bacteria, virus, etc.

Now we can see why we need a super filter to keep these things out !

But let us look at the typical drinking water we consume in North America, most – well basically ALL water and drinks come in PLASTIC BOTTLES and the liquid inside is full of thousands of these micro plastic particles, so with time we are ingesting millions and billions of these things and we can see the resulting health problems all around us (diabetes, arthritis, cancer, etc.) even if at some point the water was really clean, transport and temperatures will accomplish the plastic particles and chemicals to inundate the contents.

So, to sum it up, we do have choices:

  1. We can buy the standard/normal water and have health problems, or
  2. We can make our own healing water (alkaline, micro clustered, ionized anti-oxidant) and be healthy. One of the best choices, yet super affordable is the PureHydration unit and that water costs less than what you  pay in the stores  for the sickening water – a nice change, most of the time the healthy choices are more expensive.

Get your Pure Hydration today!

Siegfried Schiffmacher Siegfried Schiffmacher – med. res.

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