As we get older most of us pay more attention to our health and to the aging process itself.

However, that should not mean that we want to get really old, it should mean that we age gracefully with most of our faculties intact. The difference between Life Span and Health Span should matter. Aging is a fairly complex process and we are learning more about it every year – BUT there is also a fairly simple reason. The main culprits facilitating aging are FREE RADICALS, the more we have in our bodies, the faster we age! so it should make perfect sense to reduce their numbers and that is exactly what Pure Hydration Water does. The surplus hydrogen molecules neutralize free radicals. Hydrogen is one of the most efficient ANTIOXIDANTS available. Drinking Pure Hydration Antioxidant Water slows down our aging process so we can age gracefully and increase our Health Span.

Siegfried Schiffmacher Siegfried Schiffmacher – med. res.

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