Siegfried Schiffmacher

Siegfried Schiffmacher – med. res.

Our Body…

is a truly marvelous creation, if we take proper care of it will serve us for a long time, we’ll be healthy and happy and age graciously . To take care of it properly and to activate its SELF-REPAIR  mechanisms, we have to create the correct environment, an environment that is as close as possible to the one the body was designed to function in. Unfortunately our modern life is the complete opposite of that proper environment, so some major modifications are required. There is basically only one item  working against us and our bodies –  Free Radicals,  ( not a political party! ) they are what makes us sick and in the end will kill us. Free Radicals are produced by all sorts of things, Toxins and Stress are the main culprits.


First we have our physical and psychological environment which should be kept as stress free as possible, living on a nice quiet farm or another low stress place with good air quality ( preferably in nature ), a harmonious family life, circle of friends …we know really what feels good in that respect, and – if it feels good it is also healthy!


Then there is clothing, cosmetics, EMF’s and some other influences that would take too much time to discuss here, so we go onto the other items where we can make major changes for the better.


Food and Drink ( Water ) In North America both are a total disaster, to a large degree that is by design and most everything we buy at the grocery store is poisoned to make us sick and once we are sick we usually buy so called medicines and get more sick. So we do need to watch like hawks what we eat.


Drinks though are not much different!  But how important are drinks/water in comparison to food ? Well, first off our bodies consist  mainly of water, depending on which part, we are running between 60 to 80 %. Also we can run without food for weeks actually, but we would not last more than a day or two without water!  Wouldn’t it be nice though  if we had access to good, clean, pristine water – the way it used to be. Well, there are a few places in the world where you can still find good water but most people just buy their water in stores or have it delivered and most people don’t have clue what is in that water, their advertising tells us that it is super clean and healthy … Thousands of bottles of so called drinking water were tested and only two were acceptable and they came in glass bottles from Europe ! Yes, plastic bottles are one of the main problems. We all know ( or at least we should ) that plastics are carcinogenetic and while these bottles are transported,  (even if the water was clean at some point ) thousands of small plastic particles are shaken loose and some of the chemicals are leaching into the water. It is getting worse though, research has shown that heavy metals, toxins, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens have an affinity to attach themselves to these micro plastic particles…   All drinks that come in plastic bottles have the same problem and they are  wreaking havoc in our bodies.


The good news is that there are solutions – we can make our own healthy, healing water at home!


Alkaline Micro Clustered Ionized Anti-Oxidant Water

There are quite a few units on the market now, simply because this idea of healthy and healing water instead of the water that makes you sick, possibly very sick with time, is catching on more and more. A good one and very well established one is the Kangen 501, but I found that the filters are outdated and for one, cannot remove these nasty little Micro Plastic Particles. Searching for a filter that can remove them ( 1 micron ) I ran into the PureHydration unit that is certified to remove also over 200 toxins and also makes this healing water at a fraction of the price of most, does not use electricity, the water is cleaned and created naturally with earth elements ( as in Lourdes or Tlacote where this type of healing water comes out of the earth ). So I did decide on and purchased a PureHydration unit ( also because it was very affordable ) and after I witnessed what that water did to my family in terms of healing i insisted to get involved in that “operation” and became the importer/ distributor for Mexico for now, other countries may follow. We are looking at other Latin countries and Europe in the foreseeable future.


So to sum it up, we have FOUR Health Benefits:

  • Super Pristine, Pure Water
  • Help Balancing your Body’s pH to prevent Chronic Illnesses
  • Continuous Cleansing and Detoxing of the WHOLE Body  &
  • Eliminating Free Radicals through Anti-Oxidant Action of Hydrogen