The truth about “Detoxes”

The first part is an excerpt of a letter from an alternative medical doctor and researcher …

Hey Siegfried,

When you hear about “detoxes”, you probably get pretty skeptical.

You SHOULD be, because the reality is that there are a whole lot of people out there making vague allusions to “toxins”, but who, quite frankly, don’t really understand anything about the actual SCIENCE on this subject.

But the simple truth is that toxins — things like BPA, mercury, lead, arsenic, phthalates, glyphosate, air pollutants, fluoride, etc. — are VERY real. And there is actually a mountain of science showing that these toxins DO accumulate in our bodies and ARE a major cause of all kinds of health problems from fatigue to obesity to autoimmune diseases.

The truth is that detoxifying your body isn’t about taking some colon cleansing pill, a fad diet or magic detox potion. Nor is it even necessarily about doing aggressive chelation therapies , which can help with certain types of toxins, but these “programs are far from a complete solution.

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Siegfried Schiffmacher Siegfried Schiffmacher – med. res.

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